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      Self leveling of cement is mainly a kind of floor leveling material in the liquid state. After spreading the self leveling of cement on the ground during construction, we can flow by ourselves. In the liquid state, when the ground flows automatically, we need to find a low-lying area and fill it. Finally, after the ground flows, the whole ground surface flows into a mirror like flatness, and then it is still, and finally solidified.
      1、 Cement self leveling construction method:
      1. Before making cement self leveling, we need to check the ground to the extent that it can be self leveling before construction. We need to ensure that the ground is dry, and we also need to check that the overall flatness error of the ground is not very large. If it is too large, we need to use cement sheet leveling before construction, and we also need to ensure that the ground is free of cracks, if there are cracks When sewing is self leveling, the pulp is easy to flow in.

      2. Before the construction, we need to clean the ground as a whole to ensure the cleanliness of the ground. No buildings, paint spots, oil stains, etc. are allowed. After cleaning, we need to polish the ground as a whole.
      3. We need to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust from the ground after grinding to ensure that the ground is clean.
      4. After the ground is treated, we need to apply a layer of self leveling construction interface agent to the ground, which can mix 1:1 water, and the best dosage per square meter is controlled between 100-150g.
      5. When brushing the interface agent, we need to make sure that the indoor ventilation is good, because we need to make sure that the interface agent is completely dry before self leveling construction. The waiting time is about 1-3 hours, which can basically meet the construction requirements.
      6. In the process of cement self leveling mixing, we must mix according to the specified proportion. It is better to mix well in the mixing barrel, and then use professional tools to mix until it becomes a mixture with uniform flow state, so as to ensure that there is no clot. After mixing, we can quickly level the cement self leveling in the area we want to construct, and can use auxiliary tools to evenly distribute the cement self leveling on the ground Use the roller brush for roller coating, and pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of time during our construction. The self leveling construction must be completed within 15 minutes, and the thickness shall be controlled at 2 mm.
      7. After standing for 24 hours, we can't step on people. After 1-2, we can carry out the next type of construction.
      2、 Advantages of cement self leveling construction:
      1. It can be directly used as ground decoration, with smooth and flat surface and mirror effect. It is suitable for all kinds of Nordic style and industrial retro style.
      2. The construction is relatively simple, and the resistance to return to the tide is relatively good, which is very suitable for the use of floor decoration in some humid areas.
      3、 Directly as a floor decoration material, it is more wear-resistant, pressure resistant, dirt resistant, with a certain amount of flexibility, and more suitable for some young people who pursue personality decoration.
      4. For some friends who pursue fashionable personality, they can choose this kind of material for floor decoration. The effect is fashionable and can also be matched with some retro paint and inlay decorations.
      3、 Disadvantages of cement self leveling construction:
      1. High requirements for materials:
      In our most floor cement self leveling, especially when it is ready to be used directly as decoration, we need to ensure the quality of materials, etc., because if the materials are used for a long time, there will be bulging, peeling and other phenomena, which will seriously affect the indoor beauty. If the floor is installed with wood floor, it will also affect the service life of the wood floor.
      2. High cost:
      Self leveling of cement can also be divided into two types: cushion and surface layer. Cushion is mainly used as ground preparation, while self leveling of surface layer can be directly used as ground decoration. Many domestic self leveling is difficult to achieve particularly ideal results, and if imported materials are selected, the price will be higher.
      3. Regular maintenance is required:
      In order to make the service life of cement self leveling longer, we need to wax the ground regularly, mainly to avoid the phenomenon of cracking and bulging. In addition, it is recommended to use neutral cleaning agent for treatment when we usually clean up, so as to avoid damage to the surface of the ground.

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