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    One, the problem of ground leveling, solid mu fu joins a floor board also suitable for suspension laid online someone often say that the installation of the floor is very important. We should pay attention to what issues? Real installation, we from the aspects of supervision? To this end, get off my back a few words.
    1, make clear the flatness error of jinan self-leveling, whether to exceed bid, whether the need for leveling ground processing.
    A) the flatness error of the ground, industry rules less than or equal to 3 mm, with two meters by feet and feeler. Interior point in not less than two, take maximum. If in this error range, there is no leveling. Otherwise, in principle, should be to manipulate the leveling. If the owner doesn't require leveling, so the problem has nothing to do with the laying of the floor.
    B) the ground now, exceed bid more, really leveling is not much, because leveling is more expensive. Overweight is not much, most of the work. To be honest, if the difference is not much, foot a little soft, some even a little noise, on the floor is not so good, but the impact is not very big. Overweight too much, must not make do.
    C) others know the ground uneven, also decorate team has carried on the leveling process, the result is still uneven. They didn't tell decorate team, leveling after the acceptance of the standards, most don't know myself. Can't make a claim with the decorating.
    After 2, laid floor height, height difference between with other material that lay the ground, be sure to understand.
    A) generally speaking, it is best to make all kinds of ground material after laid, as high ground. People living in relative comfort. Someone afraid to spend money at the time, make the sitting room and dining-room or bedroom ground, after be being entered all regret, flat would be trouble. Had better do a good job in at one time.
    B) jinan self-leveling methods, there are many, according to different situation, should be treated differently.
    If your ground roughness is relatively high, can use the matting treasure leveling. Compare save trouble, the effect is all right. Much less ground roughness, advice without matting treasure. Because matting treasure can have particular to the ground, such as stones, adjust action, for local small scale, unable to adjust. Lane is bad, the foot on the soft.
    If your poor surface roughness is more, suggest using cement mortar leveling. One can solve the problem of flatness and adjust the elevation difference two.
    If you have a small surface roughness bad, don't have to adjust the elevation difference of different ground material, self-leveling cement can be used to deal with. The thickness is not high, the construction quality is very good.
    If the flatness error of the ground, only in the local scope, also can use a more flexible way. On the floor before the installation, please install the workers, with fast dry powder, such as dong dong, implement local leveling. Does not affect the installation speed and quality.
    The above several kinds of leveling method, must depends on the specific situation of the ground. The price of the first three leveling, generally in 20 yuan/square meters; Different region, different prices. After a comparative economic, it's about 5 yuan per square meter.
    3、用水泥砂浆找平地面后,一定要等济南自流平 http://www.jndmzp.com/ 干透了,才能安装地板。测定干湿的方法很简单。用一块塑料膜,铺设再地面,一天后,地面不潮湿、膜上没有水珠,证明地面含水率与环境湿度达到平衡。如果有水珠,或地面潮湿,证明地面向室内环境散发湿气,地面没有干透。
    After 3, with cement mortar leveling the ground, must wait for jinan self-leveling dry, to install the floor. The determination of dry and wet method is very simple. With a piece of plastic film, laid the ground again, a day later, the ground not damp, there is no water on membrane, prove the ground moisture content and environmental humidity balance. If there is water, or ground damp, send out for indoor environment moisture proof, no dry ground.

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