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    Floor Leveling Process Self-leveling Technology Decoration Knowledge
    Leveling ground: cement mortar, self-leveling leveling, gypsum, leveling the best is self-leveling in three ways, but its price is relatively high. Self-leveling technology is getting better and better. With the progress of technology, the preferred method of price will gradually leveling the ground from flat cement mortar.
    1. Grass-roots surface treatment: the ground is more prominent on the ground, and polished ordinary housing, you can use rotary millstone, under the premise of grinding down, there are no channels. High polishing, leveling and scraping the teeth in the same amount of cement, and finally found a good reason on the plateau is still high and low areas are still low. While polishing, it can save a lot of materials, which is a very important step in leveling the ground.

    2. In this step, the coating is coated with interfacial agent and the first flat surface polishing interfacial agent is brushed twice. The interfacial agent is actually a kind of glue, and the convergence of self-leveling cement floor is more stringent. Concern. In the market where all kinds of fake and inferior interfacial agents are flooding, some guerrilla construction teams and a convenient interfacial agent have poor quality of water and more owners, causing many ground problems, such as sand from the air. The construction and installation of ground handle guerrillas before leveling the ground should not be random, otherwise the consequences may be very tense.


    Self-leveling cement, worker, self-leveling cement and cement have the same appearance, but different roles. Ordinary Portland cement and sand, usually residing in Hong Kong, are used very small or very thin in order to prevent high-strength cement and to combat the use of very little pure cement. Pure cement must be used for later maintenance or combat. Cement self-leveling, as its name implies, must be able to flow, but not too thin, or strong enough, dry, often self-leveling cement and water ratio is 1:2. The worker's left shoe seems to pay special attention to the following shoes, and the friends in the setting layer simply explain the following very simple sports shoes, soles, wooden layers, lying in more than 2 bands, so we can wear shoes on the foot, the bottom soles are covered with nails, but it is rash, but the company is a small problem, do not. The reason is that the construction work on the surface of cement walking shoes does not leave the traces of cement.
    3. Self-leveling strives for this step is to establish self-leveling, but the opposition and proportionality of self-leveling should be appropriate to ensure the realization of the overall level of ground strength. Army forces, often part of the latter, form self-positioning from the ashes of the fundamental ground, and the other is self-starting, so as to ensure the position of the whole ground leveling and establish self-leveling leveling implementation. Work is very important. Self-leveling cement, directly down to the ground like "flow" to see the current situation, it does not dilute. Self-leveling construction is too simple, such as cement self-leveling, is completely flat, do not think it is impossible, you also need a foot of worker to catch up with the cement, therefore, in order to promote cement. Cement percolation drum will not leave any traces on it. There is a small bump in the process of cement. Is it a pure liquid, rather than absolute level, to promote fisheries and encourage them to rely on a number of A owners. This volume often asks why your decoration guerrilla team did it? Why, after a few days, the skin is empty? This is a very important factor at this stage.
    In summary, all the above-mentioned pony ground leveling services, want to know more about Jinan ground leveling knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website: http://www.jndmzp.com Thank you for your support!

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